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Autumn is a fantastic time of the year in the garden. The air and soil temperatures are perfect for new plants to get settled in before winter arrives.


So it’s time to rejuvenate your tired garden beds with an all-in-one composted soil improver and planting mix – Biogrow by Amgrow is the perfect choice to give your plants the best start. To feed your new additions through autumn, apply Organic Xtra, a premium organic fertiliser made from poultry manure, feather and fish meal, natural minerals, blood and bone, composted seaweed and sulphate of potash – sounds like the perfect plant-meal to me!  After planting, keep the roots healthy and vigorous with a weekly application of a seaweed based solution – harvest is best as it has fulvic acid which is a natural component of humus that helps plants absorb nutrients.


Coming into the cooler months, the best annuals to plant are pansies, violas, primulas and polyanthus. Buy the more advanced “potted colour” size for instant results – they will only get bigger and better throughout autumn and winter. The colder it gets, the better the blooms! To keep them flowering, apply a soluble fertiliser every couple of weeks that is high in potassium. I personally use All Gro by Grokem, which I affectionately call “the magic pink stuff” – you’ll be amazed at the results.


I love these plants! Flowering practically every day of the year with large glossy emerald green leaves, suited to both sunny and shady areas, this compact perennial just shines. A fabulous plant, just perfect – you absolutely can’t go past this beauty. What more can I say? Every home should have one!


Well, what a mouthful! Just call it “trach tricolour”. This is a more compact, slightly slower growing form of the ever popular “Chinese Star Jasmine”. With mottled, variegated leaves, the new shoots are white and pink but the dainty white flowers are unfortunately few in numbers and therefore fairly insignificant. So use this robust plant as a groundcover or low hedge for its foliage contrast. It’s perfect for both sunny and semi-shaded positions and is a real toughy!


Every woman, without exception, loves to be given plants at any time of the year, but they are especially well received on Mother’s Day. The pick of the crop has to be the Cyclamen. These plants love the cold – maybe the only good reason to look forward to winter! Put your plant out at night, like the proverbial cat, or in the fridge overnight – an odd thing to do maybe, but great to keep your Cyclamen perky! These delicately perfumed plants flower profusely, are easy to look after and look super special when popped into a simple ceramic pot. They make the perfect living gift that keeps on giving.
Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

By Sue Potthurst, Elegant Outdoors, Turramurra