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Beauty and The Geek – Brandon Cowan

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Local app developer and teen entrepreneur, Brandon Cowan, who also happens to be a regular contributor for Living Local Magazine, writing app reviews has recently starred on Beauty and the Geek. Here’s the inside scoop on Brandon’s experience.

What led you to audition for Beauty and the Geek

I wanted to meet new people, increase my self-confidence and learn how to be a little less awkward in social situations. Knowing that if I got on the show, being stuck with 8 (technically 9 this season) hot beauties didn’t sound too bad either!

Can you briefly describe the selection process?

First I had to fill out a big form that asked lots of different questions about myself. After that was reviewed, I made it to the group selection process where we were in groups of about 25 and had to introduce ourselves and explain why we are Geeks. From there I made it to the next round, which was having a personal interview with producers and Channel 7 executives.

How did you find out you were selected? How did you feel?

I received a phone call directly from the Executive Producer. I was so surprised that I actually made it and was pretty speechless. I felt so happy that I could be a part of something that could change my life for the better. I just knew it would help me socially and in life in general.

How were you feeling when entering the island?

I really had no idea what to expect! I was so excited and was happy to just ‘go with the flow’. I wanted to be partnered with a really nice beauty that could teach me lots of life skills.

How was the contrast from steadily working everyday on your app business (Crazy Dog Apps) to having the camera on you constantly?

It was so weird. For the first week or so, I kept thinking about my work, my emails and apps. Michael and I were trying to determine approximately how many emails we would be missing per day. Luckily my estimate was a lot higher than the actual amount of emails that I missed and it was a really nice break from work. Being the life-changing experience that it was, it was definitely worth it and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Funniest moment?

Watching Kassi in pretty much every challenge… She’s a really funny girl. She was probably the funniest in the school teacher challenge.

Most challenging or embarrassing moment?

The poolside challenge was both my most challenging and embarrassing moment. It is not often that I need to strike up an engaging conversation with a complete stranger. My face was as red as a tomato as I kept trying to think of things to say to break the numerous awkward silences. I didn’t enjoy it very much but it was still good to challenge myself.

What surprised you the most?

I was most surprised at how nice all the Beauties (and Geeks) were. I’d say that as a generalisation, girls that are highly attractive are perceived as not as friendly as an average-looking girl. But all the Beauties we so nice and encouraging to all of us Geeks.

Do you and Kassi still catch-up as well as the other Beauties and Geeks?

Yes, definitely! I see Kassi pretty much every week now – she’s one of my best friends. She’s taking me shopping (again) next week!! I also see Jenna and Courtenay every week, or so and I love hanging out with all of them. I have seen some of the other Beauties and Geeks after the show but only a few times because we live in different states unfortunately.

You look incredibly stylish after your makeover, what else have you taken from this experience?

Thank you. I’ve just made really good friends and improved my confidence in social situations. I wouldn’t be what I am like today if I wasn’t partnered with Kassi. She really taught me a lot about being more confident in any situation and is a great person.

Local app developer, Brandon Cowan, a regular contributor for Living Local starred on Beauty and the Geek. Here’s the inside scoop on Brandon’s experience.