BFFs Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are the brains behind They All Hate Us. They have made a career out of a passion two best friends have always shared - fashion. Tash has a background as a buyer and head of womenswear for a leading youth retailer, and is a mother of two. Elle was the global visual merchandising manager for a swimwear label. Every month the They All Hate Us shop gives readers the ability to buy what Tash and Elle are wearing.

“We edit down the world of fashion to the 10 lust worthy pieces we love, have bought and live in, and make them available for immediate purchase.”

We caught up with the duo at both Fashion Week and The Langham Sydney.

Work Life

  1. When did They All Hate Us come about?

Tash: We started our website about 10 years ago as a hobby and worked in the head office for a large youth retailer (where we met). Our online store started about four years ago when we saw a gap in the market. It went mental as soon as we launched and we have been catching our breath ever since then.

  1. How do you decide what pieces to stock and for how long?

Tash: We work very closely with brands to ensure everything featured is new and exciting. We also feature core items as this is what wardrobes are built on. We teach our customers how to dress and buy, only featuring 10 items (sometimes we sneak a few more in) which takes out the confusion when it comes to shopping. We source product in real time. What you see on social media / on the IT girls / or what we are wearing, you can buy from us.

  1. You guys have amazing products labelled Girl Gang, what is the story behind how that came about?

Tash: We registered the name ages ago before it was a trendy hashtag. we wanted to create a t-shirt range that was fun and could be worn with your bestie – styled under a blazer or biker jacket. Then we did jewellery and phone cases and because it’s fun and celebrates friendship, it has been a huge success globally. We love seeing images pop up of Girl Gangs.

  1. What is the best thing about your brand?

Tash: The best thing is it’s us and it’s wearable. It’s not unobtainable, it’s not too tricked up.

  1. Having transferred to Foxtel’s television show, Style Squad, what is the best part of doing the show?

Tash: Doing it with Elle.

  1. How do you guys stay fresh, and up-to-date with current trends in such a changing industry?

Tash: We are both kind of obsessed with fashion and have been ever since we were young. Retail in our DNA, it really just comes naturally. We are always true to our style and Elle and I can wear the same thing just in our own way. We always arrive wearing a version of the same thing and it just works. Everything also centres around basics, a great handbag and pair of killer shoes.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia

  1. What were your favourite shows at Fashion Week this year?

Tash: macgraw as I have followed the girls from the very beginning, Romance was Born because every detail is spectacular, 10 pieces for the set (Bondi beach put on the perfect backdrop).

  1. Do you feel the Fashion Industry is changing now that social media is heavily involved?

Tash: Yes, because you watch everything in real time and it’s amazing! Wherever you are globally, you can watch everything and feel like you are front row

  1. What do you see coming into Fashion this year?

Elle: The sock boot (which we are wearing at the moment) is really big and I don’t think it is going away. You can’t get away from a great pair of jeans, Levi’s are back with force, so the mum jean is not going anywhere and we love classics, so the blazer with They All Hate us. If you can get your core basics right, your jeans, white shirt, black blazer and a good pair of heels then the fun fashion things can come in accessories for example earrings, a statement necklace or a hand bag.

  1. Standout from Fashion Week that you loved seeing?

Tash: I love the earring trend, because you can be in a white t-shirt and look dressy and cool because of your statement earrings.

Sydney’s North Shore

  1. What would be your go-to-places on Sydney’s North Shore?

Tash: I recently moved to Mosman from the northern beaches and have fallen in love with the area. My children’s school is wonderful, the shopping in Mosman is addictive and restaurants are wonderful.

  1. What is your favourite coffee place in Balmoral?

Tash: The Boathouse Balmoral Beach because my kids love the playground and the beach close by.

  1. What would be your shopping go-to on the North Shore?

Tash: The shopping in Mosman is very convenient – possibly too much so. When I’m buying bread and there is a Camilla And Marc, Pond, Watson X Watson close by, it can be an expensive outing!

  1. What can we expect to see next from the dynamic fashion duo over the next year?

Tash: Lots of travel and something big we can’t talk about yet!

Media and Video Editor | Photography Maree Turk