If you are looking for a fantastic outdoor adventure for the young and the young at heart – I would absolutely recommend Treetop Adventure park.

From left: Jasper, Sue, Brian & Oliver

I took my family and a couple who recently arrived from the USA to the Central Coast location, about an hour north of Sydney.  Imagine swinging though the Australian bush on a flying fox after having navigated a rope ladder swinging from one tree to the next, a Tarzan swing or maybe a tightrope walk.

From left: Jasper & Oliver

Soon after arriving in the beautiful bush location our sons Oliver and Jasper kitted up for the children’s course. The children were connected by a continuous belay system, which kept them safe while they navigated the challenges of the 4 courses, which increase in difficulty as you progress from one to the next.  It took Jasper (3yrs) a little time to get over his fears and it was great to see the self-confidence he gained from conquering the course. Oliver who is almost six took to it like a duck to water and completed each course several times. The staff were really great with the kids, keeping a watchful eye on their progress. A couple of times they helped in encouraging the kids through a challenging section, which was a great achievement on completion. Our kids both enjoyed the thrill of making it to the flying foxes and were disappointed when time was up.  We have relived the adventure many times since and had several (hundred) requests to go again.

Family friends, from left: Chelsea & Kees Groenewegen

Next it was time for the adults to get our gear fitted and listen to our safety briefing.  We tested our skills on the practice course then went on to the 4 courses.

Along with all the other climbers we were kept safe by a helmet, 2 Clic-it Smart carabineers, a harness and we were also provided with a pulley for the many flying foxes we found around the courses.  The courses are set high up in the beautiful gum trees and surrounding bush. It reminded me of tree climbing as a child who grew up in the Australian bush but this was so much higher, more organised, safer and loads of fun.

Each challenge mastered was an achievement and helped gather confidence for the next one, which was more difficult.  Even though you are connected by the 2 Clic-it Smart Carabineers and can’t fall, it still goes against ones natural desire to step onto a swinging piece of wood and reach for the next swinging piece of wood instead of just holding on tight to a nearby solid object. There are plenty of different challenges, all to get the heart racing.  Several times I found myself doing a quick inhale before committing to the next move on the course. The course was challenging but safe. As we progressed through the course we would come across a challenge that we had previously completed before, but of course it was just a little higher than before and the step was a little further than before.

Oliver mastering the High Wire

The first 3 courses, Blue, Green and Red are available for those aged 10 and over who are above 1.4 metres tall.  The final course, the Black Run is available for those 16 and over.

Jasper braving the first obstacle

What we liked about the courses is that it had something for everyone. Whether it be a family outing, kids party, a team building event or an action date, everyone would be challenged in a safe environment. We are already planning our next visit.