Party season is fast approaching, and as much as we would all love unlimited grooming time with our own personal styling team, most of us have approximately 0.0003 milliseconds to get our makeup on for a party. Try these little time saver tricks to look amazing without having to add an extra hour into the day.

1. Get an illuminating base.

Glowing skin is beautiful skin, even if it’s not ‘perfect’. A good light reflective makeup or bb cream will make you look fresh even when you’ve had a long day, plus it looks great in photos. Look for words like ‘radiant finish’ or ‘ illuminating’ on the bottle.

2.Tint your lashes and brows.

After glowing skin, the most important part of your makeup is definition, especially on brows and lashes. Having your tinting done will take about ten minutes at the salon, and halve the time you need to get your mascara and brows looking good. Definitely worth the effort.

3. Ebony and ivory.

Ditch the complicated eye makeup for two eye pencils – a black one for night and a white or ivory for day. Pop some ivory coloured eyeliner on inner rims of your eyes to brighten, under brows to cover strays, and on your Cupid’s bow to make lips look perkier. Guaranteed, you’ll look like you had an extra hour’s sleep. For a more sultry eye look, add black on the inner rims (upper as well as lower) and add an extra coat
of mascara.

4. Wear a cream blush/bronzer.

These days, many companies sell blush and bronzer cream duos – the blush goes on cheeks and lips, the bronzer goes under the cheekbones, around the hairline and under your chin, and even a tiny bit on eyelids as your shadow. The cream formulation keeps things light and looks as though you hardly have makeup on at all. Perfect for touch ups on the go.

5. Get a nice smelling body lotion with a bit of shimmer in it.

This is a great multi tasker to add glow, soothe skin after sun exposure and make you smell delicious, all at the same time. Who doesn’t love that?

6. Fake it til you make it.

Mix some fake tan into your moisturiser and pop it on with your usual skincare routine, making sure to blend it down onto your chest, and arms as well, if they’re exposed. Most of us are a little paler in the face than the body, so this is a great way to get sneakily glowing and even toned by the end of the day.

7. Smell your way pretty.

Last but not least, invest in a lighter alcohol free scent for summer, and put it in your hair. Perfume can actually accelerate sun damage if it’s on exposed skin, so it’s best to avoid wearing it on your neck in summer. Alcohol free versions let you feel gorgeous, without drying out your hair or damaging your skin.