Have your children ever asked where their food comes from? Have they ever wondered how the food in the supermarket grows? This month, we checked out the park and garden on top of the hill in Turramurra, known as Turramurra Lookout Community Garden. This little garden is a great place to start looking for the answers.

The Community Garden, nestled in between the Highway and the train line, is managed by hardworking members of the Turramurra community. We saw an array of veggies and fruits growing, from bananas to strawberries, to lettuce, tomatoes, citrus and rhubarb. It is all visible and accessible, even for toddlers. And it’s a great experience for the little ones to see how their food is grown and learn how plants are cultivated.

You can walk around the allotments, and even amongst the citrus and banana trees, and get a good view. Understandably, the community gardeners do not want their produce handled or picked, which is also a good opportunity for discussion about respecting the effort of others. However, the volunteer gardeners have created a herb garden that they welcome you to pick from. My little one loved smelling the lavender, sage and rosemary, and I picked up a few bay leaves and a sprig of thyme to add to my evening meal.

There is also the opportunity to work the garden, and enjoy the spoils of the produce you have grown. If you are a local, why wouldn’t you!? It would be a great community activity and a good hands on experience for the kids.

Following our trip to The Lookout Community Garden, we were inspired to start our own little herb garden at home. Perhaps you will be inspired to start growing something in your backyard too!

Details: Turramurra Lookout Community Garden, 1328 Pacific Highway, Turramurra. More details from www.tlcgarden.org.au