Getting the perfect night’s sleep is to some, like searching for the holy grail. Temperature has a lot to do with it and temperature preferences in the bedroom are much debated by partners.

As we change seasons the temptation may be to crank up the heating.   But studies have shown that sleeping in a cool room is better for you, between 15 and 20 degrees being optimum.  This means you can save on heating this winter by getting your bed covers right.  Your choice of fabrics on your bed are key to helping you regulate your body temperature and to a comfortable night.

Easier said than done as our body temperatures vary during the night, going down when you fall asleep and then rising again as you get closer to waking up.  Which is why wool is so perfect. Wool is often associated with winter and colder climates but it’s natural qualities make it perfect in in Australia throughout the year so your investment is truly worthwhile!

Wool has natural insulating properties which help to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer and it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. It’s usual  to sweat about half a litre of moisture a night.  Wool absorbs this perspiration, drawing it away from the skin, keeping you dry.

Ecodownunder recommends purchasing natural fibre bedding for optimum comfort throughout the year.  Lay the foundation for a perfect night and start with a mattress protector which is 100% cotton.  This will breathe easily and is machine washable.

Next comes the underblanket.  Once you’ve slept with a wool underblanket you’ll never dream of going without one. It provides a layer of softness and comfort which you can use wool side up in winter and then flip it over for a cool, crisp cotton finish in summer. Top a woollen underblanket with cotton flannelette sheets which make you feel cosy the moment you hop into bed.

Then the fun begins as you add layers using quilts, coverlets and throws with different patterns, textures and colours to make your room inviting and cosy which will encourage you to have an earlier night!

The natural wonders of wool don’t stop here.  It’s also flame resistant and has anti-microbial properties as it absorbs and wicks perspiration, which also means dust mites aren’t a fan.  It’s not known to cause allergies and its environmentally sustainable!

Australia is recognised around the world for the quality of the wool it produces. Naturally ecodownunder chooses 100% Australian owned and grown wool for its winter bedding range which includes wool underblankets, winter wool quilts and alpaca throws. In fact, they’re committed to supplying a full range of bedding made from natural fibres to see you through the cooler months.