Jack and Lucy from Gordon Shoe Repairs are celebrating the ten-year anniversary of their store in Gordon Centre; I enjoyed popping in recently for a chat and to say congratulations!

Jack and Lucy of Gordon Shoe Repair


Shoemaking is in Jack’s blood. He and his brothers are shoemakers. His father, an Armenian whose family was deported to Lebanon during the devastating 1915 Armenian Genocide, established a shoe factory in Lebanon in the 1950s. Jack joined the factory straight out of primary school in the early 1970s and has been in the shoe business ever since.



Jack’s father (left) and uncle (centre) with a friend in their shoe factory in Lebanon during the 1950s

In 1988 Jack and his brothers migrated to Australia and opened a shoe factory in St. Peters.

Lucy’s family was also deeply impacted by the Armenian Genocide. Her family migrated to Australia from Lebanon around forty years ago. She was in an Armenian dancing club in Sydney, and one day, when Jack was there to drop off his brother, Jack and Lucy met. They fell in love and were married in 1993.

With cheap imports putting heavy strain on local shoemakers, Jack and Lucy decided to purchase the shoe repair shop in Gordon Centre. There, Jack employs his lifelong experience in shoe making to work wonders for customers, who keep coming back for something else that’s very special too:

‘It’s the community atmosphere in Gordon,’ Lucy says. ‘Everybody knows everybody. It’s lovely. The customers, it’s like a family – they know all about you and you know all about them. Even if they are not bringing repairs that day they’ll still pop in and ask how the family is doing.’


Jack in his workshop at Gordon Shoe Repairs

Many shoe shop owners around Sydney, who knew Jack from his family shoe factory days, send their customers to see him. They remember that he has the expertise and know-how. Often, before throwing old shoes away, customers will bring them in to ask Jack’s opinion. He has the honesty to tell a customer if something is worth fixing, and that’s why they like him.

As Jack humbly says, ‘We want to thank the wonderful customers around Gordon, they are the reason we love it here.’ Gordon Shoe Repairs, 9499 2214.