Simon Tedeschi, most certainly one of Australia’s finest and most admirable musicians, has inspired Roseville College students in Years 5 - 12 with a unique Masterclass that combined his musical genius with a heartfelt message to inspire each girl to work hard to achieve her dreams.

Three Roseville College Senior School music students, including two music scholarship recipients, also performed.

“It was an honour to have Simon attentive to my performance,” says Year 12 Music Captain, Wenny Qu, who expects  Mr Tedeschi’s guidance of her emotive and technical skills will help her as she approaches her HSC music performances.  Wenny, a Roseville music scholar, has played piano for 14 years and currently studies with one of Simon’s past teachers. “It is incredible to have an opportunity like this at school”.

Pianist and music scholar Elyssa Chien, Year 7, and fellow pianist Cynthia So, Year 9, also performed in the Masterclass. Despite being younger performers, both have set high standards for learning, self-improvement and discipline when it comes to studying piano. The girls agree that today’s remarkable opportunity will have lasting impact on the depth and quality of their musical performances, as well as on their outlook to practise and learning – even beyond music.

Roseville College Learning Enrichment teachers, Mrs Annelise Woo Ruiz and Mrs Claire Rowsell, orchestrated the visit because they are committed to inspiring girls to embrace their natural gifts and abilities – whether in music, the arts, sports or academic pursuits, and to persevere through work hard.

“Simon is extraordinarily gifted musically, yet he had to work extremely hard at perfecting his ability to a world-class standard,” explains Mrs Woo Ruiz, who says Simon tells his own story to expel the notion of ‘easy giftedness’ and credits his success to several things including a measure of good luck. Mrs Woo Ruiz thinks three of these in particular will resonate with Roseville College girls. Firstly, the currency of hard work; it counts and it pays off. Next, appreciating the network of teachers and family who support (and nudge) you to stay focussed on your goal or dream. Lastly, the value of having balance in life; to nurture relationships and have a good sense of humour, and to enjoy a range of hobbies.”

“Make the most of every opportunity you have to refine and extend your natural abilities,no matter what they are. Everyone’s development process is individual; however, key characteristics that will help you achieve your goals are universal: resilience, perseverance, hard work and passion,” said Mr Tedeschi.

PHOTO: Roseville College students Elyssa Chien, Year 7, and Cynthia So, Year 9, watch as Year 12 Music Captain Wenny Qu performs for one of Australia’s finest musicians, Mr Simon Tedeschi.