Rachael was crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2009. Amongst the many commitments that followed, in 2010 she starred on Dancing with the Stars, where she met husband Michael Miziner. The two were married in a private ceremony, in Woollahra, in 2013. In September of that year they welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Violet Rachael Miziner. For the past two years, Rachael and Michael have been working on their new fitness programme “Body Of Dance” released in March.

Rachael RinchEvery day, I count my blessings for what I have and never take a second of air for granted

The go-getter, super-mum recently managed to answer our many questions, just days after the birth of her second child (a son)!

Congratulations! How does it feel to be mum to a beautiful girl (Violet) and now, baby boy (Dominic)? Thank you! We could not feel more blessed or happier with our two angels Violet and Dominic. I am still floating on clouds and can’t believe how complete I feel.

How does Violet feel about being a big sister? She loves it! She helps mummy with a lot of things around the house with her new brother so it’s a new and exciting responsibility. She has taken on the role beautifully and I love seeing her so happy to have a sibling, although she is eagerly awaiting the day he can ride a scooter with her!

Do you think fitness helped you throughout your pregnancy? I stayed active right up to birth and I think this played a big role in feeling great over the nine months. I’m a big believer in listening to my body each day to give it what it needs – some days I did a preggy-safe circuit sessions and other days I just went through some yoga-inspired movements. My favourite things to do during pregnancy are dancing, circuit sessions, swimming, and walking. Stretching every day is a non-negotiable, usually before bed so I get a good night’s rest. It’s natural for the body to be moving and I noticed how much better I felt when I exercised.

Did you work out steadily throughout your pregnancies or was each trimester different? Each trimester was slightly different because the body is going through different phases and needs to be cared for accordingly. I was quite sick in my first trimester, with morning sickness, so I found myself doing a lot more stretching and walking with Violet and our dog, Simba. I regained energy in the second trimester and loved being able to do more resistance and cardiovascular training including dancing and free body weighted circuit sessions. I slowed down again in the last few weeks of pregnancy and took things quite easy.


Rachael Finch
Rachael FinchWith a busy schedule and a full house, I have learnt how to prioritise the things that are the most important and be OK with letting the smaller things wait

What changes now in your routine compared to the last nine months? My body needs time to recover so I’m easing back into my fitness regime slowly by practicing yoga, walking and doing lots of things around the house! I love working out to music so I have been putting my favourite tracks on daily and dancing with Violet out on our balcony. I’m moving my body without feeling like it’s work – this is why I love dancing so much. I like to find time to meditate every day which may just be five minutes on my bedroom floor before I start my day!

How did you adjust initially to being a career woman and having a family? There is nothing more fulfilling for me than growing a family and I treasure what I do for work, so I feel blessed to be able to do both. I have learnt not to sweat the small stuff and always remind myself of the bigger picture. Planning and preparation are big in my household, as well as the desire to accomplish goals in a variety of areas in life. Misha and I work together as a team – so I am very blessed.

What are your daily priorities and have these changed since having a family? The love and health within the home and family have always been number one for me. That will never change.

Are you good at saying no? When I need to say no, I say no. With a busy schedule and a full house, I have learnt how to prioritise the things that are the most important and be OK with letting the smaller things wait. Children require patience so this needs to always remain.

Although modern technology can make our lives easier, we now see a hurry sickness challenging the value of good, healthy and stay home meals. How do you find time and does it require plenty of planning?  I think adaptation is important through any phase in life, including the information age we live in. I love connecting with the world around me but I believe it’s about balance. I love creating meals that are healthy, wholesome and nutritious that don’t take much time at all so I have more time for myself and my family. A lot of the recipes in my health and fitness program B.O.D. are designed to suit anyone who is trying to manage a multitude of tasks on a daily basis (mums, full-time employees, etc.) Then of course there are days that I love spending hours in the kitchen with Violet preparing meals for when our friends come over.

Do you have days/moments when you’re not so motivated? Of course I do!  These days come as frequent as anybody else and that’s why I am so passionate about leading a healthy and vibrant lifestyle, to feel the best you can every day and turn around the bad days quickly. Every day I nourish my body through meditation, stretching, exercise, wholesome food, a good nights’ sleep and reminding myself of what I have to be grateful for. If I need to cancel an appointment or say no to a commitment, I don’t feel guilty for this. There are also those moments when I just need to inhale and exhale much, much slower.

TV Presenter, Myer Ambassador, author, dancer, advocate for healthy lifestyle, wife and super Mum.Looks like all heroines don’t wear capes. How do you and your family stay grounded in the spotlight? Misha (as I love to call my husband) and I always knew at the end of the day the most important thing is that we are there for one another. I think finding love or feeling connected always reminds you of what is most important. Every day, I count my blessings for what I have and never take a second of air for granted.

With this experience in the spotlight, what advice will you be giving your kids as they grow and making choices? Misha and I believe in the same values when it comes to raising Violet and Dominic. We want them to grow with self-confidence and self-respect, patience, kindness, and a desire to pursue their dreams and desires, whatever they may be.

How do you see healthy living affecting your family? I hope Violet and Dominic grow with an understanding of why it’s important to live a healthy life and do the things that nourish their soul. I want them to be the best versions of themselves and have a beautiful foundation.

Your new programme “Body of Dance” has just launched (we are so excited) – who should sign up for this? Do you need to be at all coordinated? Everyone should sign up! You don’t need any dance experience or a partner to do the program (you don’t even have to leave your lounge room!) All you need is yourself and a desire to transform your body, soul and life. Dancing IS mind, body and soul, I love that I have a chance to share my favourite workouts with everyone. Not to mention the incredible food!

What are you most excited to see people get out of this experience? I am excited that we’re able to provide a full body, strength and toning session as well as meditation and meal plans. Dancing gets your mental juices flowing too, learning new patterns is both beneficial for the brain, and also helps with coordination and focus. I love that we are able to help people with meditations and take people through the art of mindfulness – working on a healthy mind is just as important as how we move our bodies and the food we eat. I am also looking forward to the increase in body confidence for the people on the B.O.D. program! I have never felt as healthy and happy as I do when I dance and it excites me that I can share this with everyone.

What is it like working with your husband? Getting to work with Misha on B.O.D. is a dream come true. I love being able to share ideas, create content together and bounce our goals off one another. He is such an inspiring and motivating person and even more, an amazing Dad.

Any tips on how to stick with your programme and not give up half way? Once you get to experience the support and love within the B.O.D. community, motivation is easily found daily. We have so many amazing women changing their lives, becoming happier, healthier and stronger, and sharing their journey along the way. When someone is feeling a craving or wanting to ask a question, we are there to help out and motivate each other to stay on track. Plus, dancing does not feel like exercise that’s a huge reason why I love it so much.

You have also just launched your new book “Happy Healthy Strong” where can our readers buy it? Writing Happy, Healthy, Strong was such a special project to work on. It was a couple of years in the making, and it feels so nice to be able to share all of my health and wellness principles and philosophies. People can order a copy online or pick up one at any good book store such as Novella Fine Books, Cards & Gifts, 5 Railway Avenue, Wahroonga.

View Rachael’s yummy and healthy recipes here:  www.livinglocalguide.com.au/5-dinner-recipes-rachael-finch

For further details about Rachael’s new programme, please visit: www.bodbyfinch.com

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