I love a good spring clean and nothing makes you feel as good as a clean car/house/make-up bag. With winter on the way out, it's a great time to say out with the old....

However unpopular this might be, I’m going to say it. The preservative systems in mascaras only work properly for the first three months after opening- even if you don’t use yours all the time. You MUST chuck it if it’s flaky, smells funny, or you’ve had an eye infection. No excuses.

Pressed Powders
These tend to form a ‘crust’ on top, formed by oil from your face mixing with old product on your sponge or brush. Eww. Keep your new one fresh by changing sponges or washing your brushes regularly.

Lip Glosses, Especially Those With A ‘Dip’ Applicator
Anything which goes on your lips will tend to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Lipsticks can be scraped and disinfected, much harder to clean out a gloss. Let it go and get a pretty new colour for the new season.

Sponge Tipped Applicators Or Dodgy Brushes
As soon as a sponge tipped applicator starts to fall apart, it needs to go in the bin. You can get packets of disposable applicators quite cheaply, and your eyeshadows will last better with the use of clean tools. Better still, invest in a small set of quality brushes. They are much easier to clean and will give a better finish. Brushes should be washed once a week with shampoo or laundry soap- avoid getting the handle wet for greater longevity.

Anything Which You Haven’t Worn For Over A Year
It’s old, and you either don’t love it or it just doesn’t suit you. Make space in your bag for something you really adore.

Your skin will tend to be a little more tanned (and not so dry!) than during winter, branch out and try something different. Many formulas now contain skin brightening ingredients for extra glow.

Face And Body Illuminator
Make up is all about showing off your best assets and with spring on the way and more skin on show, a good illuminator will show off what yo’ mama gave you. Place a little on tops of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and collarbone. Va-va-voom!

With a sweet breeze in the air and flowers in bloom, a new perfume will put a spring in your step. Swap your heavier fragrance for something fresh and pretty – if you have a signature fragrance you cannot live without, many brands make lighter versions of their classics to suit the warmer weather.