WIN! An Apple iPAD Mini 2 + BUSINESS WEB HOSTING. The iPad Mini 2 features the powerful A7 chip, a beautiful 7.9-inch Retina display, front and back cameras, and Wi-Fi - all in a thin and light design that you can take anywhere.

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Q1. What is your biggest frustration with technology in your office?
Q2. Describe your ideal IT support experience. Please provide your Name, Phone , Postal Address and Business you work for.

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  • JB

    1 and 2 response combined below.

    Of course I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience, one of the main issues with IT is the need for a dual speed approach to responding to client needs. On the one hand there are issues which have a long term timeframe – services updates, new system installation, software deployment, and forward planning for future IT system needs. These issues require a queue system and prioritisation and can be handled remotely via email etc. On the other hand there are issues which require a shorter term solution and a speed response. These more urgent needs might pertain to immediate technical difficulty, system errors, installation issues and or software queries. This second category of issues requires a more rapid response and in an ideal scenario, would be solved by a 24/7 IT hotline service or chat screen service (much like Large international retail online stores offer) within the organisation. The main issue here is that unlike in the past, modern day staff tend to work 24/7 both in the office and out of the office. Work does not stop when one walks out of the office door. My view is that IT services have not yet adapted to this and still tend to service employees needs in a 9-5pm service role. They have not necessarily adapted to the flexible digital ‘always on’ environment in which we currently work. Having a real-time contact option where IT needs can be discussed in either a phone chat or online chat environment 24-7 and especially outside of office hours would be of great benefit and would improve staff productivity in on-time bound work roles.

    2. I am more than happy to share my personal details with you as per your competition terms and request in a private contact form. I hope you understand why I am choosing to not place my contact details here in an open public forum. I will email in my competition entry to your email address above so that you have these details.

    Kindest regards,

    • JB

      Dear Living Local
      I just tried to email my personal details to the email listed above and I received a bounce back email indicating that it is not functioning. I have since emailed your editorial account with my details. Thank you in advance. Kindest, JB

      • Edwina Hunter

        Thanks JB!