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  • JB

    I loved the suburb safari ideas suggested by Elissa in your grandparents write up section. It’s always great to have some new ideas up ones sleeve for the holiday periods or simply for weekends when one is at a loose end – not only for grandparents but also for parents. I often find that I am looking for things to do that are both interesting fun and educational for my daughter. I would love to see more information on this.

    I have never visited the May Gibbs cottage but that is a wonderful idea and I will definitely have it that in the local to-do list. The Gumnut babies are such a cross-generational classic and it’s wonderful to see my daughter enjoy her books as much as I did when I was a child. What a great idea.

    It would be fabulous to see more of these sorts of features ie ideas for families. It would be great to see these little feature pieces each month in an extended form and perhaps categorised by budget – so low budget options, medium budget options and more premium budget options so that your community have a wide range of ideas to cater to varying family needs.

    In particular it would be excellent to know if other local shopping centres have activities both free and paid for that they host for families and children. It’s always great to get amongst the local community, to meet other families and to allow the children to do these sorts of activities together.

    Thanks for the insights

    • Living Local

      Hi JB – congratulations!!! You are one of our Peter Pan winners – can you please reply with your name and contact details via ? We will be back in the office on Wednesday. Thanks!

  • SpinnersORS

    I loved the Make up tips for real life… so many “tips” are normally so out of touch. Thank you so much I am one very busy Mum and little things do make the difference!