WIN! Sydney’s Royal Easter Show Passes! One of Two x Double Passes to be won! Passes for 13 - 19th April 2017. A celebration of Australian culture, from our rural traditions to our modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone!

To enter, simply tell us what you love most about Sydney’s Royal Easter Show…

Entries close: COB 12 April 2017

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  • Sofia

    I love everything about the Royal Easter Show – the atmosphere, the rides and sideshow alley, the food, the exhibits, the animals, the main arena, the showbags …. it’s all great, and a wonderful day out for the family.

  • Danielle Gethen
  • Peta

    The kids love the showbags,
    the animals and rides.
    I love the eating,
    so many foods to delight!

  • Caitlin M

    I love that its an old Sydney tradition that continues to this day.

  • Elise

    Our day at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show is our favourite day in the year!
    When the gates are open we flock on in with such joy and cheer!
    From animals, and woodchopping, to fairy floss and rides,
    With Arts and crafts, fresh food displays, cake decorating and slides.
    The shows throughout the day are great but our fave above the rest,
    is the main arena extravaganza topped with fireworks -the best!
    Hands down the most fun entertainment our family really love.
    We are there for 12 whole hours, but still don’t feel thats long enough!!!!

    • Edwina Hunter

      Hi Elise – can you please contact us on (02) 82137306?

  • Jessica Ranginui

    Love the hands on experiences my young ones get. They taste, make, see and touch everything agriculture, plus I get to enjoy the day too – a family love affair

  • Gabi

    I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to sampling a thing or two in the Woolies Dome! 🙊

  • feline1981

    The show bags and I cannot wait to try the newest craze- Lasanga on a stick!

  • Danielle Susann

    My favorite part is the joy on the children’s face throughout the day., enjoying the rides and show bags it’s all just a great family day out!

  • Aileen Jeffery

    The nightly entertainment. Love the stunt cars and motorcross daredevils. They’re so talented and engaging for all ages. And then to top it off with fireworks makes for a magical night.

  • Michelle

    There’s something for everyone in the family and always ends with a big bang of colour and fireworks to end off a great day.

  • natalie

    The brilliant carnival atmosphere

  • Hoong Mun

    The memories and smiles on our faces after a day of eating, having fun on rides and the spectacular fireworks.

  • Chantelle nichols

    The kids faces as they watch the animals preform seeing animals upfront the bikes the parades its amazing experience for the kids

  • Margot Hunt

    The whole atmosphere!! I love to see how much enjoyment the children get out of such a special festival!!

  • Michael O’Neill

    Me and my family love the Woodchopping as we love a good contest watching blokes go hell for leather chopping wood and my wife loves the sweat dripping off big blokey guys.

  • Brenda Williams

    i just love the fun and excitment

  • Karina Lee

    I love hanging in the Woolworths Dome sampling food and shopping!

  • marella

    i Just love everything about the show walking around seeing all the attractions,It takes me back to my inner child lol

  • avtvav

    The sleep in I get the next day from my exhausted children!!!

  • Nicole Kent

    The baby farm yard animals and how interactive it is. Hold a chick, pat a rabbit, see a pig. My kids adore this every year.

  • renae shaw

    the excitement of all the showbags in the paper, trawling through and making choices and then walking into the showbag pavilion!

  • Carmen

    How it brings out the best of everyone and all families come out together to enjoy themselves and create precious memories

  • Emily

    We love it all but last year we especially loved the magic of the Man From Snowy River Show with our 3 little boys as well as my husband and I completely enchanted by it!!

  • Champika

    we have never been to the Easter dhow, I would love to take my kids there

  • Fiona Stevenson

    I was brought up visiting the easter show every year when it was at moore park and since it moved to homebush i have now been enjoying taking all 3 of my kids every year even from when they were a few weeks old. We love the woolworths pavillion, strolling the arts and crafts, watching the dogs, looking at the cattle and cant forget country womens association with their infamous scones.

  • John King

    The best memory of the esster show was when it was at moore park where you could walk around and see everything in a few hours now it takes a lot longer at olympic park. About 4 and half hours to see everything. But it still good fun. Have always enjoyed it.

    John king 64 Killarney ave blacktown nsw 2148. Phone number is 0433 812 781.

  • Belinda Dennis

    The Easter Show makes me feel like being a kid again! I loved going to the show as a little girl, it was magical. Nowadays though seeing the way our 2 boys eyes light up from going is now what I love the most (oh and the fairy floss!!) 🎡🌭💜

  • austhome

    The thrill of the rides while watching you kids play on them as you remember then what it was like when you were a kid.

  • Rachael Roberts

    Love the dog parade love all the unique breeds they have

    Bedlington Terrier and

    Catahoula Leopard Dog are 2 of my favorites. its amazing how these dogs can do wonderful tricks

  • Karen

    Definitely seeing the amazing cake creations!

  • Ally B

    I love the giant show-bags hall,
    And food pavilion – I taste it all!
    Spotting cakes made by folks I know,
    The animals and nightly show;
    As much as there is lots to see,
    The highlight of this year for me
    Will be the look on my son’s face
    For his first visit to that magic place.

  • Helena Leung

    As a kid I remember our parents giving us $20 and letting us go AWOL until the next meal. We’d hit up the Show Bag pavilion, scare ourselves on the Ghost Train, watch a few sheep dog trials and eat ourselves silly on fairy floss. We’d rendezvous with our parents only long enough to scoff down some hot dogs, then plunge back into the madness of the Show. Wood chopping! Parades! Cakes! Fireworks! And the earthy smell of horses everywhere! Time to share the nostalgia with my kids 🙂