Many people believe that spring is the best time to sell a property, with flowers blooming and warmer days. What most people don’t know is that the most competitive sale prices for properties occur in winter. Some of the best sale prices are regularly achieved during the months of June, July and August. This has been tracked by RP Data for decades with an undeniable correlation between less property available during the colder months and higher average sale prices.

If asked, most property owners would say that winter is not a good time to sell because it’s cold, wet and the garden does not look at its best. Strangely, this opinion is not shared with prospective purchasers. Buyers have less to choose from because plenty of home owners hold off selling until spring. Consequently, demand far outweighs supply and forces prices up due to competition between buyers. This is exacerbated by the relatively low stock levels already.

Even if your home isn’t high and dry enjoying northerly sunlight, there are small things that really make a difference to how a buyer will receive your home. Trim back hedges or branches that are shading windows and ensure pavers and pathways are free from any visible moss or mould. Open curtains to allow as much light as possible in to the house. Timing is everything in real estate, particularly for knowing how to utilise the suns optimum position during the winter months when showing the home.

Every little bit counts – for more tips on buying or selling during the colder months feel free to contact us. With interest rates continuing at a record low level of 1.5% the quality of buyer enquiry is excellent. We have an abundance of well qualified buyers ready to act with very little available to purchase.

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By Kate Miles