It was a pleasure meeting locals and husband and wife team, Bree and Brady Morris; founding franchisees of Dream Doors Australia, opening their doors in June 2014 (now 18-plus franchises in Australia). Dream Doors is an international business model providing kitchen renovations/facelifts which can save thousands of dollars compared to installing a new kitchen, and results in an entirely fresh and modern look in just a few days.

Bree and Brady have recently received Franchisee of the Year (second year in a row) for professionalism, integrity and contribution to the Dream Doors brand. They also train potential franchisees. All this with their daughter, being twelve months old, Dream Doors has grown from strength to strength, with 75% growth recorded for the 2016 calendar year.

What is it like being a husband and wife team?

Like everything, it has its challenges but Brady and I have complementary skillsets so we each look after different aspects of the business. That works well for us.

How many franchises do you have?

Brady and I own two. We started operating the Northern Beaches/North Shore franchise in June 2014 and then purchased the Inner West franchise a year or so after. Scott owns another franchise; he handles Mosman, Neutral Bay, Crows Nest and upwards.

So Dream Doors Kitchens is quick and affordable?

Yes. If you are not replacing the whole kitchen (which can keep you out of it for months) it is less expensive than replacing the whole thing. You could probably buy a Bunnings or Ikea Kitchen for our prices. But we are a top-end kitchen whereas they are cheaper kitchens. Our installations take only two or three days.

What are the main things that make the kitchen look new?

Colour scheme. Fifteen to twenty years ago the in-Vogue colours were peaches and deep creams. Changing doors, panels and drawers is like walking into a brand-new kitchen.

Is it like a grand reveal?

Haha, each customer is different. Some come home in the evening and we will get a text late at night, “Oh my gosh, I am so in love with my kitchen.” Some clients want to turn cupboards into drawers and we will put in soft-drawer runners. Sometimes clients will say, “Our dishwasher is in the wrong space and I hate that old microwave.” So we modify things to improve functionality.

Do you have a favourite style?

It is funny you ask because we have just done our own kitchen. It is white with nice black handles and a grey bench top. It has to fit into your home. About 90% of what we sell is a classic white kitchen.

So white is very in at the moment or has been for a long time?

It never really goes out of fashion. It will be interesting in 20 years to see what people think of all the white kitchens.

Even though we help people save money compared with a new kitchen, it is still a big investment and people generally don’t want to risk that on something they may hate in five years. Sometimes customers want something a bit left of field and we cater to that but in general a classic, white kitchen, it is safe and looks good. You can dress white up, put a few staying pieces around, add a plant in the corner or a bunch of flowers and change the style that way.

Congratulations on receiving Franchisee of the Year a second time in a row. How does this benefit you?

We are a local couple with a small business feel but you have the safety of a reputable international brand. If we get hit by a bus, someone will make sure the kitchens we have sold are installed.

Have you always liked renovating?

Very much and I am fortunate to get paid for it. I think customers engage with us because we are that little family; Brady’s Dad does a lot of the painting and much of our business comes from referrals from previous customers.

1800 2 DREAM (1800 2 37326)
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Showroom (by appointment)
29c Babbage Road
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