Globally, studies show that green is good for your health and happiness but who has time to read all the science? In a nutshell, the two big benefits of having indoor plants are air quality improvement and your own well-being.

Plants remove air-borne toxins created by paints, furniture finishes and air pollution. By having just one or two plants the air quality increases significantly in a space and this in turn promotes feelings of relaxation, inspiration and positivity. In a room about 5 square metres, 1 plant will clean the air by 25% & you’ll feel a little better, but having 5 plants you’ll get 75% cleaner air & your mental well-being will increase by 60%. So just imagine what 10 plants will do for you!

Once you get the bug for having greenery in your home you won’t be able to stop. Let the experts at your local independent garden centre advise you what new plants you should add to your collection. Mix up the sizes of your plants to fit all the different areas in your rooms. In spacious corners, introduce large, leafy plants like Philodendron “Lickety Split”, Strelitzia “Bird of Paradise” and Monstera “Swiss Cheese Plant”. Medium sized ones that suit kitchen benches, bathrooms and bedrooms are Peace Lillies, Zanzibar Gems, Brazilian Walking Irises and Anthuriums. Compact plants like ferns, succulents and moth orchids liven up coffee tables, office desks and window sills without taking up too much valuable space.

Don’t forget to put trailing plants up high on book shelves & kitchen cabinets – my favourites are the indestructible Epipremnum “Devil’s Ivy”, dainty Senecio “String of Pearls” and absolutely everything in the Rhipsalis family – I’m a huge fan of these!
So, this Spring, while you’re cleaning and decluttering, make room for those beautiful, luscious, hard-working plants that will improve your plant life balance!