Home maintenance never stops; in fact, life never stands still! That’s why we need to renovate and refresh from time-to-time. It can often, but doesn’t always need to be expensive. We love a home that’s comfortable, where we can be ourselves and also be hospitable to people around us. Over the next months, Living Local are going to be following a couple of local room makeovers.

Creating can be fun, especially when it has a good purpose behind it, a purpose to help all involved, feel more at home. Below is a sneak peek at what we will be following…

1. Kid’s Bedroom, Killara
This is the baby’s room. The baby has grown-up and we now look forward to seeing it being transformed into a “tween” appropriate room. The room needs to suit him throughout his teenage years too.
Goal: A fun space, suitable for doing homework, hanging out and sleeping comfortably. We also want to get rid of the carpet, to help combat against dust allergies and ensure there is enough storage. Can’t wait to see what we do with the room.
Who: It’s a family DIY project!!! We hope to all get involved!
Budget: Absolute minimum. We want to use what we have, ask family what they have and source cost effective alternatives when needed, using stores like Bunnings for paints, flooring, shelving and of course Pinterest for inspiration.

2. Dining Room/Kitchen, Cremorne
Our dining room feels poky and there isn’t enough light. The corner is especially dark, this results in the area not being used. With space limited already (being a small apartment), we can’t afford to have areas with no use.
Goal: We want to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to create more light and increase practical space! We also want to create a study area, incorporated in with the kitchen design. With the wall removed, the area will feel much more open, usable and lighter. The flooring will also need to be evened and replaced. We have chosen to go with a floating timber floor.
Who: We have called on Impala Kitchens, Choices Flooring and BWDerrin Constructions.
Budget: $30,000. We have decided to move out for six weeks and hand our keys over to Impala Kitchens to project manage everyone.