“Would you like to be able to combine your passions, generate some extra income and enjoy your retirement? “

Although Markson Financial Planning would like to take some credit for this story, we can’t. We do help others plan their finances, but this remarkable tale belongs to Peter & Gillian.

You see, it’s just not about the money. It’s about living your retirement dreams and enjoying Rosedale Cottage restaurant. As you read further you will instantly realise why we had to tell this story.

Peter enjoyed a career as a Sydney architect and upon turning 65 he promised his wife Gillian that he just needed to finish off one or two more projects before he called it quits. But the “firm” had other ideas. A wise head on experienced shoulders is not given up easily.

But retirement finally arrived and with a little help from Markson to arrange their tax-free income, Peter & Gillian set about travelling the world, with a difference. You see, Peter booked his international art retreats first, then arranged Gillian and the overseas travel around his passion.

Peter loves nothing better than to travel to overseas locations and capture these wonderful experiences in ink drawings. On his return, he then creates paintings from these images, reliving the memories of the trip and creating paintings to share the joy with others.

But how does Rosedale Cottage fit into this story?

A shared passion of Peter & Gillian is fine dining with a glass of wine. And after visiting Rosedale Cottage at St Ives, it soon became their favourite north shore restaurant. After many visits, the small talk with owner Vincent progressed until the invitation to hang Peter’s paintings was made.

Patrons can now enjoy the ambiance of Vincent’s award winning restaurant with the extraordinary artwork from a local artist.

And here is the beautiful twist; Peter earns a little more income from his passion of painting and Gillian enjoys some more international travel, albeit to a few art classes. Upon returning home, Peter & Gillian make another trip with fresh paintings for Vincent, who inevitably says “why don’t you stay for dinner?”.

With the support and direction of a skilled financial advisor you too can make your retirement dreams a reality. Markson believes that good financial planning is about enjoying life both before and after retirement, by doing what you enjoy.

It’s just not about the money.

If you would like a great dining experience, visit Rosedale Cottage. If you would like to enjoy a great living experience, visit Markson Financial Planning, and let us help get your vision Picture Perfect.

BY Mark Lewin